April 9th 2023

Kyu Yam Shimokita

This curry restaurant always three different curry and they're changed every month.

When you order you can choose more than two different curry and eat as a mixed curry.

These were the three curry for April.

  • Green Asparagus, Aburaage and Chicken Kheema Curry topped with Tomato and Berry Chutney
  • Pork Kheema Curry with Broccolini, White Kidney Bean and Sausage, served with a refreshing Genovese-style Raita with flavor of basi
  • Spice Beef and Pork Kheema Curry with Seasonal Onion, served with Black Achar with Quail Eggs

We ordered the three curry and they were served on one plate with a little distance between each other. Also they comes with special curry soup so, at first we can enjoy each curry taste and in the end add the soup and mix all together. Each was so good and when they're mixed the taste was deeper and wonderful. We tried Achar of mackerel and it was very spicy and great too.