May 27th 2023

cafe. the market mai mai

This cafe is pretty close to "edo", which is the restaurant we went to before. I've been there several times for enjoying coffee and sweets. I don't know since when, but we found out that they had a few curry options on their menu. They said it's a collaboration menu with an Indian restaurant called "millenga", where you can enjoy home-style Indian cuisine.

The curry options were:

  • Dal curry
  • Saag curry
  • Chicken curry
  • Two curries mixed
  • Three curries mixed

We both ordered three mixed curries. The dal curry was mild and we could feel the sweetness of the beans, and the chicken curry was spicier than we expected. Both curry were good, but my favorite one was the saag curry. Actually, I tried to make saag curry by myself once before, but it turned out to have a strong green taste, even though I added a lot of spices. So, I had been under the impression that saag curry is supposed to taste green. But their saag curry was so great and I didn't feel any green!! If I go to the cafe again, I will order the sag curry only. I was filled with such astonishment!!

Ah, and also we added a banana carrot cake and a crème brûlée too. Their crème brûlée is one of my favorite. I definitely can't miss it whenever I visit there.

May 20th 2023


They have a mixed curry and a curried rice pilaf. The mixed curry has three different curry. (Sometimes they seem to have four different curry on their Instagram .)
The curried rice pilaf has two or more flavors and it seems to have a lot of side dishes as toppings too. But sometimes they offer random curry options, like none of the mentioned types or just a mixed curry. They cook different curry everyday, so we should check their posts on their Instagram before you visit!!

On that day, we ate a mixed curry which had:

  • A lamb keema curry with whole Japanese pepper.
  • A chicken curry 7.6 (I'm not sure what's "7.6" though...)
  • A vegetables and beans curry

What surprised us was the pink sauce on the curry. At first I guessed it's red beet sauce, but....

It was strawberry sauce!! When we tasted only the pick sauce, the flavor of strawberry came so strongly. But when you eat it with the curry, the flavor becomes fruity and tasty. That was a big discovery for me. A curry with strawberries.... that combination is so unique. They have a great sense of combining ingredients for curry, so we would like to try more their curry!!

May 7th 2023

Curry No Yoshidaya

There are two types of curry: soup curry and the more common roux-based curry, which come in various varieties such as chicken, vegetables, and pork cutlet.

(Soup curry is known for its soupy consistency and being served separately from the rice.)

You can choose the type of curry, the amount of rice, and the level of spiciness.

We had the soup curry with bone-in chicken and vegetables. The bone-in chicken was tender enough to easily shred with a spoon, and the vegetables were lightly fried and delicious. Especially the fried broccoli was exceptionally tasty.

The spiciness level of the curry can be chosen from 1 to 10, but even at level 6, it wasn't spicy at all, so we thought that people who like spicy food can enjoy level 10 as well.

This restaurant is small with only six counter seats. There is only one owner who handles the cooking and serving, and the dishes are prepared after the order is taken, so it takes a bit of time before the food is served. We recommend going when you have some extra time.

May 4th 2023

Curry NaNa

You can choose between the basic curry (which is European-style) or chicken curry. For the basic curry, there is a wide variety of menu options based on different toppings. You can select between white rice or mixed grain rice and choose the spiciness level from three options.

We've already been there a few times, and our favorite is the most popular menu called "Genki Curry." It consists of garlic-flavored chicken and spinach as toppings. The curry is served with pickled vegetables (Rakkyo). However, we've noticed that many curry restaurants we recently visited don't include it, so it makes us a bit happy. We suppose it's because we often eat non-European-style curry at other restaurants, and usually only European-style curry is served with pickled vegetables in Japan.

By the way, I started eating Rakkyo as an adult. When I was a child, even though my family had it with curry, I couldn't enjoy its smell and taste. However, as I grew older, I realized that my sense of taste has changed. The restaurant is run by a couple, and both of them are very energetic and cheerful.

Anyway, we ordered Genki curry and grilled chicken curry.

The homely atmosphere and the close relationship with the regular customers are great. On this particular day, as we were leaving, the owner said to us, "If you prefer something spicier, please let us know! Even if you want something extremely spicy, it's okay." They mentioned that they are flexible and accommodating, so next time, we want to try a spicier curry.

April 21st 2023


The shop offers curry and pho (Vietnamese noodle dish) for lunch, and in addition to those, small dishes and alcohol are served for dinner.

When we visited there for lunch, they had one type of pho and five types of curry available for lunch. However, one of the curry dishes was sold out......

We each chose two types of curry and ordered a mixed curry.

  • Coconut Shrimp Curry and Chicken Curry with gristle
  • Vegetable Green Curry and Pork Kheema Curry

What surprised me the most was that they added fish sauce to the green curry. Unfortunately, I usually cannot enjoy the taste of green curry because of the lemongrass flavor, but this one had a milder taste and didn't have any strong lemongrass flavor, so I liked it. (I'm not sure if they actually used it, though, lol)

Anyway we enjoyed all curry a lot.

Next time, we want to try the curry that we couldn't eat this time.